Developing, Acquiring, Generating Revenue from Oil & Gas Projects

Walker Lane Exploration has acquired 100% of Xon Energy Resources Inc., which owns 200 acres of Oil and Gas Leases in Texas. With probable reserves of over 2.5 Million in the ground and Behind-Pipe barrels, the company expects to generate gross revenue of $2,190,000 per year at $60.00 per barrel. In 2015, a third party approved geologist substantiated these number in a National Institute Audit Report 51-101, which is an Audit of Reserves for our Whitcha Fall County Leases supporting these reserve estimates.

Walker Lane Exploration’s plan is to acquire smaller producing oil properties that have strong up-side potential. Using new technology, the company can increase present production by up to 50% or better. As part of our environmentally conscious plan, the company will generate our own Solar and Wind Power along with back-up from local power companies for emergencies.

Watch this website for more news about our growth-building plans being implemented by our new management.